Creating Success

Your business is up and running and all the pieces appear to be falling into place.  You’ve got clients, a schedule that works and an organized system in place as well.  Yet there is a small voice inside of you that keeps questioning if this will work. Can you really be sure that it won’t come to a crashing halt, leaving you with an empty organizer, a lack of clients and no money in the bank? 

While it may seem impossible to predict how successful you will be, with forces that appear to be beyond your control, you are not as helpless as you think. Your way of thinking and actions that follow actually have much more control than those outside forces.

Do you want to be successful?  That may seem like a ridiculous question, given that you are the one taking on this venture, but look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself these questions, then wait for your answers:

1 – Do I really want to be successful?
2 – What would it look like if I was successful?
3 – How would I know if I were successful?
4 – What am I willing to do to be successful?
5 – What am I doing right now that will not support me in being successful? 

Once you begin to feel that success is a perfect fit for you, it is time to visualize how much success you actually want.  Begin to live into your visualization, as if it is already occurring.  This is the real challenge. 

For instance, if I asked you to visualize what it would be like to be at a carnival right now, what would you see and feel?  What would you smell in the air?  Do you smell the sweet scent of funnel cakes?  Can you hear the kids screaming on the small fast rides?  Can you recall the things you and your friends laughed about back then?  If you close your eyes tightly, you probably can picture yourself there right now. 

Imagining the success of your business, what it will look like, sound like and taste like when you are as successful as you want to be, needs to be that clear.  So clear, that as you describe it, it is as if you have been there before. The challenge is that unlike the carnival, you haven’t experienced this success yet with your business, so in effect; you will be making it up.  In Coaching we call that creating and it can be one of your most powerful tools in becoming a success.

Create what you want, and then have it become reality.  You will be amazed to see that when you live into a reality that is not quite here yet, the reality is not far behind.  As a matter of fact, success may follow so easily that you will wonder why you didn’t live into it sooner.  

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