On My Way to Oz…countdown.

image Today is my last day as Ms. Geller, the teacher. But it was an amazing 10 year journey in the making… I was on my way to Oz.  No, I was not sure if any such thing existed, but was willing to find out.  I mean, I was already walking in what seemed like that direction, so it seemed like a good idea to keep going that way.  Although I couldn’t relate to the outfits that Dorothy wore, what with her little polka dot dress and that little basket, I could sure relate to her search for Oz.  Her obsession with the yellow brick road would run remotely along side my obsession with my cell phone.  Praying that the sounds it would make in the night, first thing in the morning and all throughout the day, would be just what I needed to get me to Oz safely.   And with my eyes focused on the br ight yellow color that appeared to be leading me towards the warmth of the sun, and the comforts of home, I would keep moving, carefully placing one foot in front of the other. Stopping occasionally, only to maintain balance.   I would begin my search alone, not completely certain of my strength, just sure of my desire to be home and pray that the desire would be enough to keep my feet moving.  At times I would feel sick, weak, unstable.  I would want to stop moving, perhaps to lie in the bushes for a while, taking a nap in what might have been poison ivy, but would eventually keep me going, even if itchy and red.  For as long as there was more brick road to follow, I would keep on.  Just like Dorothy, I would come across things in my life that resembled the witch.  With her big black pointy hat and that screech in her voice, I would wonder if she would actually “get me”.  And yes, as I cowered in fear, I could only hope she was wrong about there being no “Oz”.  The only thing that would save me along the way were the friends I would find, surprising me in the middle of the night and giving me just enough of a glimmer of hope to move on.

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