Will My Real Life Please Stand Up?

     Are you still waiting for your life to show up? For the moment when everything will suddenly make sense? Waiting for things in your life to excite you? The morning that you will wake up feeling revived, self-expressed and motivated?

     If this sounds like you and your life story, I have some news for you. This life that you have right now, right this very moment, is the prime example of your life showing up. Everything that you see around you is yours. All the little pieces that surround you are exactly where they are supposed to be. And fortunately, or unfortunately, there is nothing to make sense of, because it is just what it seems. So if you have been looking for some deep meaning as to why all of this has been happening in your life or why nothing has been happening in your life, you can stop your search now. There is no deep meaning. Your life, just how it is in this moment, is just how it is supposed to be. 

     If you don’t find relief in that statement, but even less in control, then perhaps you simply need a new perspective. That statement alone should make you feel completely empowered, because your life has not just occurred that way it has by happenstance. Someone didn’t just throw a life into the air and you happened to catch it. No, this life is the one you created. The problem is not with your life. The problem lies within your constant state of waiting, instead of realizing that your life is all here now. And if you could simply declare that you created your world the way it is now, you could also declare that you have the ability to recreate it as well.

So tomorrow, instead of using that same old excuse that you’re still ‘waiting’, (you know, for the real version of your life to show up) plant your feet on the ground and take a real close look at it. Then decide what you will do next: embrace it, dance in it, fix it, change it. You know, like they do on that home show, love it or leave it!

But whatever you do, stop waiting for it and acknowledge that it is already here!

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