I Make Stuff Up

I Make Stuff Up.

I read this on a child’s T-shirt recently and laughed at the simplicity of it. At first glance I began to think of all the stories that kids make up, some true, some not and others simply fluffed up for entertainment. But as I laughed, I pictured other ways that children make stuff up.

I make stuff up - pic

Did you ever see a child become engrossed in the box, quickly tossing aside the gift? Or the child in a clothing store, finding sheer entertainment in the racks of clothes, the cracks in the floor or simply the tickets that have fallen astray? I once witnessed my own children make an entire day of entertainment from the tickets they’d found; transforming them into money, passports, golden tickets…you name it, they had created it.

At what point did we decide that we have to be more realistic and see things as they are, and not as we wanted them to be? At what point were we only able to see the gift for the gift, unconsciously tossing aside the packaging it had come in?

I recently had a discussion with a client of mine about his sales staff. He had noticed that the longer his staff was with him, the less energy they seemed to have. He recalled their initial enthusiasm on their first few days and weeks that followed, and how their enthusiasm seemed to decline with each no they encountered thereafter.

“How do I help them hold onto that excitement every single day?”
It’s a good question and one that we encounter not only at work, but also in our daily lives.

Maintaining the Excitement.
Think about your enthusiasm that came with that new job. The excitement of getting the job, feeling accepted and valued, and the premise of becoming financially successful. Even before you may have walked in the door you could almost feel the money in your pocket and the confidence in your step. But where does that come from? How is it that we can create something as real feeling as that, before it is even really exists? And if we are capable of doing that sometimes, why can’t we access it all the time? And how is it that once we access it, it seems impossible to hold on to?

Difficult, but not impossible.
The good news is that it comes from YOU! And that in order for it to be accessible, you will simply need to create it…over and over again. You will literally need to make it up. Each morning when your eyes open, you will need to recreate whatever it is you want: The new job, the financial success, the success of your children, the new relationship, etc. You will need to picture each one as you want it to be. Not in the way it is necessarily, but in the way you want it to be. In a way that excites you. You have to imagine it so deeply, that it seems like it already exists.

Making it up, as if it really exists, will have an amazing impact on your life. As a matter of fact, your thoughts will eventually design your life just as you had imagined. So stop living into the blahs of what didn’t work yesterday, and live into the possibility of what might occur today. You will find a renewed energy in simply Making Stuff Up!