A Rainbow for the New Year

My fingers hit the keyboard gently this morning in hopes of finding just the right words to send to my people. “My” people…the ones that have inspired me this year to honor my life and the way I live it. The ones who have struggled with pain, cancer, stress, chaos and even just the feeling of ‘is this really all there is?’ For those that have reached out for a hug, dared to say ‘I can’t do this anymore’ For those that wanted to simply give up, but instead decided to lie down and rest and for those that feel torment in their heart, but allow me to love them anyway. For all of you and more, I thank you for giving me the permission to touch your life, help alter your perspectives and trusting me to tag along in your life. I have so enjoyed being a part of your life story.

I offer you this rainbow…
rainbow - blog

2015 has been a year of unpredictability and prayer. A year that has taught me to trust my instincts, fight for what I believe, surrender to what is beyond my control and seize the steering wheel any time I can. It has been a reminder to love whether they show up, or not, because it is what we give that really matters.  It has been a year of balance between holding on and letting go and understanding that everything that comes to us is a precious gift we call Life: A one time offer.

Yet as I continue tapping on the keypad, I search for words just beyond your rainbow; words that will carry you into the New Year. It is then that I don’t see words at all, but instead this large blank slate reminding me of what matters most.

Sometimes we do not have the answers. Not right now anyway.

If we can lean into that, lower our shoulders, soften the lines in our face, and quiet our ego, we can then be confident that the answers will come. And they will.

It is in that moment that we live our life fully committed to being the best we can be now; not holding out for tomorrow, saving our best for a different day, a better mood, a little later…It is about closing each day with the confidence that we have honored our word to ourselves, others and the life we are committed to.

All that wander, are not lost.

Merely because some days do not look like others, does not mean you are aimlessly wandering. Some days you will need to lean into feeling tired, ask for help, remain silent, allow emotions to overcome you or choose to get off the path completely. It does not mean you have failed, are weak or have limitations. But rather, that you are strong and know what you need. This is your true ability to be present in your life.

So if you feel lost, confused, frustrated about where you have been, worried about where you will go next or are just simply terrified that this is all there is, then it is time to get back to this moment.  Take a deep breathe…inhale all that is good, and then exhale, letting go of all that does not feed your soul. Feel your breathe, your heartbeat and the floor underneath your feet and know for sure that your life is here and now.

Once you feel grounded again you can face your blank slate…and see the pot of gold that lies at the other side of the majestic glow of a rainbow.

2016. It’s your rainbow…


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