What’s NOT on the College Packing List.

While double-checking the packing list for your soon-to-be college student, you may also need to know the ‘real’ facts about college:

  • 45% of students are uncomfortably stressed.
  • 25% leave college by end of their 2nd
  • Only 56% graduate within 6 years.
  • 70% of students never consider talking to a counselor about their stress.
  • 67% of students reach out to parents for help with stress.


college student pic - blog

College is an important investment in your son/daughter’s future, but if you want to guarantee a return on that investment, you may want to add one more thing to his/her suitcase…

A College Coach

Coaching for College Students is designed for students who are motivated to succeed in school and in need of support, accountability and a framework to help them identify, balance and reach their goals. Students who commit to the process and steps outlined below typically become more organized, have better follow through and are able to plan more purposefully for themselves as a result of the relationship.

The Process 

Preparation – Establishing a system for organizing, studying and meeting deadlines, as well as accounting for a realistic social life.

Maintenance – Consistently following through with the systems created in the preparation phase, refining them to create a well balanced and successful college career, as well as constantly reducing stress levels.

Big Picture – Creating a clear vision of the future, with realistic steps and paths to attain his/her academic and personal goals.

Now is the perfect time to allow yourself to let go of the reigns and let your emerging adult create his/her own path…one that will lead to independence and success now and in the future.




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