My Passion… Is Your Passion

I became a Coach because of my passion to help others see possibility as an every day event.  I have an intuitive ability to understand others, but through my training, have learned even more about being present for others in a way that inspires and drives them into action.  It is because of this innate desire to help people create change and success, that my clients see amazing results.

My Motivation & Inspiration

I feel motivated and inspired by the clients I work with and their ability and yearning to tap into their true potential. Change is surely challenging, but working as a team, rather than alone seems to be the ideal way to transition into success, as well as create authentic happiness in life.

I enjoy designing workshops for small groups, women’s groups, teachers, professional sales teams, as well as staff simply looking for renewed motivation and inspiration.  With new tools and perspectives we are all able to create positive change in life, relationships and business.

Some may call me a Motivational Speaker, however, I like to think of myself as a ‘story teller.’ Let me share my story with your team…I promise, they will feel motivated and inspired to create a life by design as well.

My Work


Geller Coaching has an intuitive style of coaching that enables individuals to attain the success they are capable of achieving, by identifying obstacles and strengths to redefine what is possible.   CEO’s, Business Owners, Managers, and Sales people working with a Coach will experience real change, as expectations of growth are exceeded and the next level of success is accomplished.

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Geller Coaching also works with individuals in transition, with the personal experience of life’s hardships, and the knowledge that with new perspectives, transformations can occur.