What you know and what you have done to be successful thus far, only goes as far as your own horizons. Yet beyond your horizon, lies an even greater potential of success.

How do you know if you need a Business Coach?

Look for one or more of these signs.


Feeling Overwhelmed

Once we are overwhelmed, it is very difficult to manage any one thing efficiently. You may feel a lack of control about the daily tasks, quarterly goals or even whether or not you are making a profit. It may feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete the tasks at hand, and often you are left yearning for a safe sounding board for  feedback on your ideas.

Feeling Stuck

You intellectually know what to do but you are not doing it. If you find  that you are spending more time thinking, rather than implementing, you may need a paradigm shift in perspective from someone with an outside view that will challenge your current assumptions. Once able to see a new perspective, specific steps and action plans will be easy to achieve.

Feeling Frustrated

Sometimes we feel frustrated by our lack of results, and begin to look around us to cast blame on others. We may repeatedly feel frustrated by those around us at work, feel stifled or out of sorts in our workplace and feel unsure of how to shift our thinking. This is where the unbiased perspective of a coach can be just what you need.


Let’s grow together & create a path that guarantees success:

  • Managing more effectively.
  • Defining/documenting your existing system.
  • Increasing profitability.
  • Organizing more efficiently.
  • Exceeding your expectations of growth.

You began as a level-headed, strong willed and confident person with a vision.  You didn’t think you could do this on your own, you knew you could do this on your own. And because of that, you became a business owner.  Congratulations. From there, filled with ideas and excitement you grew your business and could clearly see the path that lay ahead.  You could clearly see success, just out in the distance.

Just out of Reach

How long has it been out in the distance, though?  And does the distance seem to remain the same space from you or is it growing even further away?  If it remains in the distance as it had, you may be convinced that in this economy, that is actually a success, but what is happening to your confidence as the distance begins to grow larger? You know you’re smart and capable, yet you can’t seem to get your finger on what needs to be done to get closer to your goal.

It is time to call it quits or do you keep going and pray that eventually you will get what you deserve?  The key is to really take a look at what you have been doing now that differs from what you were doing when you first began.  It may not be that hard to see as you really focus on what you have been doing.  But the hardest part will be to then determine what you can do differently. You simply can’t keep doing the same thing over and over, year after year and hope it will provide you with different results.

Are you ready to get to that next level? 

Successful business owners know how to create success. They know how to run a business, manage accounts and maintain ongoing relationships with clients.  Yet knowing what to do is only the beginning. With a Business Coach you will redefine what you already know and uncover what it takes to turn that knowledge into powerful action.

While you may know exactly what it takes to be successful,

what you do is all that matters.