“I’ve been working with Lesley for 9 years and can honestly say our relationship is one of the best personal/professional investments I have made.
As President of my own consulting firm I found Lesley’s Business Coaching skills invaluable. Her techniques allowed me to develop a successful organizational system designed to execute on existing business and maintain a pipeline for growth.
After a successful transition from ownership of a consulting firm to an Executive role in a corporate setting, we still continue to have the same impactful results: Her expertise is a contributing factor to my success in running my own department and leading the cultural transformation of the organization I represent.”
C. Patnick
Business Owner and VP/Human Resources Executive

“My house sold after being listed for just 2 days at asking price! You really helped me look ahead and consider all of the pieces in the event that my house sold quickly and you were right! I hadn’t thought of the possibility of those timelines being so swift nor all the tasks that needed to be completed until we worked together. Your support was priceless.”
D. Donohue,

“Lesley has been a tremendous help to my business.  She has helped me transform my thoughts into action plans with real results. In addition she has helped me develop an organizational system that helps me stay on task without feeling overwhelmed, which has helped my business run efficient and effectively. At the end of each session, I have a concrete list of “doable” goals that I want to accomplish before our next meeting and I get them DONE!! Within only a few months of working with her I had grown a word of mouth business.”
Michelle Davis-Korngut, MS OTR/L
Pediatric Therapy Solutions, LLC

“Lesley helped our company and its programs.  Lesley’s approach was
not only very successful, but she made it seem like it was our idea and
right in front of us all along.  She did not try to push or demand, she
created an easy to use system.  In business, life or both, she has the
answers and guidance.”
J. Tyler
Owner, Director of Operations

“After just one session, I could already see a difference in the way I was
looking at things in my life.”
R. Wallace
Business Administrator

“Since working with Lesley I have an entirely different outlook on my
business and lifestyle in general. She has taught me different techniques
on how to make my business run more efficiently, and while doing so,
limit the overall stress levels that are created by my business. These
techniques are carried over into my daily life, helping me live a more
balanced and enjoyable one, not just one dominated by my
E. Orchinik
Owner, FitLife

“Lesley is intuitive and touches into the true matters of a person.  She
also has an amazing ability to articulate these perceptions and put things
in a way that are very introspective and personal  to each person.  Her
perceptions are very accurate. The way she speaks is so positive and
motivating that she is able to communicate these perceptions to her
clients and friends in a way to propel them into action.  She truly has a
S. Caplan
Chiropractor/Massage Therapist

“I really appreciate the direction Lesley has given me. I have a new
outlook on things…very positive!!!! I continue to focus on only  having one
thought at a time, rather than being overwhelmed by the list. Couple that
with the Action Plan and I am “feeling” much better. The challenge of new
business is there, obviously, but I do not feel overwhelmed. My focus is
sticking with my schedule and working the plan.”
K. McCloskey
Owner of CarSource

Lesley@GellerCoaching.com        609-575-7717