Turning Thoughts Into Things.
It’s Go-Time!


Is there a book you have been wanting to write? A seminar you would like to give? Is there a start-up you have been dreaming about for half of your life? Maybe you have a passion and have long wondered how to create an income from it. Perhaps you simply want to retire and can’t figure out how that would even look. Maybe you have been wanting a career change for quite some time…

What is your thing? And how long have you been wanting to turn your thoughts about this thing, into something real?

Often the mere thought of making a decision, especially one that might be something great, is so overwhelming, that the more you think about it, the more indecisive you become. And the more indecisive you become, the worse you feel about not being able to make a decision.

”Each indecision brings its own delay and days are lost lamenting over lost days…What you can do or think you can do, begin it. For boldness has Magic, Power, and Genius in it.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

How can you keep putting off magic, power and the possibility of some genius act? How long has it been already? Days? Months? Years? What exactly are you waiting for?

This, is exactly what you have been waiting for. Let’s turn your thoughts into things.

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WEBINAR: It’s Go-Time!

WHEN – Weds. October 2, 2019
TIME:  9:30am – 11am

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Your Take-Away From This Webinar:

* Organize your thinking with new tools
* Overcome obstacles that have been getting in your way
* Uncover what stops you to create less thinking and more doing
* Create a sustainable plan of action that can be used immediately
* Gain accountability & support from Business/Life Coach Lesley Geller